Qin Hui and His Wife Kneeling on the General Yuefei Tomb Hangzhou

General Yuefei Mausoleum or commonly known in Chinese as Yuewang Temple is a temple built in honor of Yue Fei, a general of the Southern Song dynasty during the Jurchen invasions when the capital of China was in Hangzhou. The Mausoleum of General Yue Fei was nestled in Yue Fei's temple at the south foot of Xixia Mountain of Hangzhou City.

The temple was first constructed during the Song Dynasty in 1221 to commemorate Yue Fei. The site includes Yue Fei's Temple, Loyalty Temple and Yue Fei’s Mausoleum inside. The temple was reconstructed several times in later date. The tombs and the tomb sculptures in the temple all dates from the 12th century, and have been meticulously restored.

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