Shifeng Longjing Tea Plantation

Covering an area of 132 acres, the Longjing Tea Plantation in Dragon Well Village of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, faces the West Lake to the west and Qiantang River to the south. The dragon well tea produced in Shifeng Mountain is the best renowned in the world. At the bottom of the mountain, there is a Hugong Temple, in front of which have 18 imperial tea trees. The 18 imperial tea trees are the most famous attraction in the Dragon Well Village.

The Longjing Tea Plantation is really a comfortable place for relaxing and enjoying tea among the lush tea trees. The tea houses, tea pavilions, and the restaurant are beautifully placed amongst bamboo groves and tea trees. The workers all wear traditional style clothing and are very good at doing Gongfu Cha. It looked like a beautiful Chinese garden devoted to tea. So if you have a chance to come to Hangzhou, do not miss the Dragon Well Tea Plantation.

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