Mount Qingcheng

Next to Chengdu lies Mount Qingcheng, one of the birthplaces of Taoism, China's only indigenous religion. It is still a religious center sprinkle with caves and shrines venerated by Taoist. Founded in 143 AD in Mount Qingcheng, Toaism has developed into an important religion in Southeast Asia, exerting tremendous influence there. For ordinary tourists, Mount Qingcheng is an ideal summer resort. The four-hour trek to its summit, 1,600 meters above the sea level, is a pleasant trip. Sixteen kilometers from Dujiangyan City, Mount Qingcheng has been know since ancient times as "the most tranquil place under heaven". Reaching the mountain on an early spring or summer morning, the tourists will find it shrouded in mist, which moistens stone steps. Chinese hermits and men of letters have long cherished the perfect sense of peace there. There are four famous Taoist mountains such as Mount Qingcheng in Sichuan Province, Mount Wudang Hubei Province and Mount Laoshan in Shandong Province. UNESCO inscribed the Mountain Qingcheng on the World Heritage List in 2000. 

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