Yaozizhai Scenic Area

Yaozi Village(Yaozizhai), situated in the northeast of the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, and rising 1500 meters above sea level. It opposite to Huangshi Village. Yaozi Village was formerly named "Kidney Village", due to shape of it like a huge "kidney". 

Yaozi (sparrow hawk) Village is famous for its dangerous precipices and cliffs, even the "Yaozi" cannot fly beyond it. But there are no cable cars to transport people to the top. The only way is rely on our feet. It takes more than four hours to tour the village. On the top of the village there has a broad plains, which is a wonderful natural viewing platform. Seen from the spacious flat upland, thousands of pillar-like hills, split by bottomless abysses, sprang up into the sight and soared up dramatically. What a spectacular wonderland! Every single individual can be silenced by its sheer scale. No wonder it is reputed as one of world's greatest natural wonders. 

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