Reed Flute Cave

Described as "Art Palace of Nature", the stalagmite and stone flowers of grotesque shapes in the caves create breathtaking spectacles which are really a feast for the eyes. Half way up the Brightness Hill, Reed Flute Cave is seven kilometers northwest of the center of Guilin. There used to be a special kind of reed growing outside of the cave which was an ideal material for making flute. Inside the U-shaped Karst cave are a large number of stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone curtains, and stone flowers, all glistening in colorful lights. In a distance of 500 meter between the entrance and the exit, there are more than 30 interesting sights, including "Pine in the Snow", "Mushroom Hill", "Virgin Forest"...The Reed Flute Cave is justifiably called the "Art Palace of Nature".

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