Gulang Island

Gulang Island is located in the southwest to the Xiamen Island. At the end of Yuan Dynasty, it was called "Circular Shoal" and "Round Sandbar". In Ming Dynasty, the names were changed into "Gulang Island". The island covers an area of 1.78 kilometers, with about 23,000 permanent residents. It is about 1,800 meters long and 1,000 meters wide, just like an ellipse. Together with a winding costal line and falling and rising rocks, green trees, red tiles and golden sand enhance to one another's beauty. Bays, rocks, cliffs and hills form a pleasing scene. Buildings of various styles, the high-standing Sunlight Rock, and groups of fluttering seagulls constitute a shining picture of seaisland. Gulang Island is also named "Pearl on the East Sea" and "Garden on the Sea", for its unique beauty. In 1988, it was ranked as anationally important scenic zone.

The main sites of interest here include the Sunlit Rock, Shuzhuang Park, Gangzihou Bathing Beach and Memorial Hall to Zheng Chenggong, which are visited annually by millions of people from all parts of the country and the world.

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