Chinese Folk Culture Village

The China Folk Culture Village is a part of Splendid China Folk Village in Shenzhen, China. It is located adjacent to the Splendid China theme park and features displays of the daily life and architecture of China's 56 ethnic groups. It was opened to the public in October 1991.

Covering an area of over 200, 000 km², it displays 25 villages displaying the characteristics of 22 of China's many ethnic groups. The village is renowned as a centre of excellence for its preservation of Chinese folk customs. At the village, travellers can enjoy the variety of different house designs of the Dong, Miao, Yao, Yi and Zhuang ethnic groups, as well as Tibetan houses and lamasery and yurts from Inner Mongolia. In addition, they can also appreciate and take part in the singing and dancing performances specific to the different minority groups.

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