Beijing Road

Located in the center area of Guangzhou City, Beijing Road was a prosperous commercial center in the history. Stores here in the road usually opens from 10:00 to 22:00, this is where youth to buy sensible, mid-range Hong Kong clothes and increasingly garish local brands. Noise and fun, here is lined with cheap food stalls, cafés, and ubiquitous fast-food chains like KFC and McDonald's. Besides, it is home to over ten large and medium sized shopping centers, such as Xindaxin, Grandbuy, several theme bookstores respectively selling dictionaries, education, culturally old, music, fine arts and children's books, Changjiang Musical Instruments Store, Sanduoxuan and Jiya-zhai Studios featuring Chinese traditional stationeries, paintings and calligraphies, Yanfang Photo Studio etc. It is really a frenzied shopping matrix in the city center of Guangzhou.

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