Wide and Narrow Alley

Located at the Jinhe Road junction, Qingyang District and being in the list of Chengdu Historical and Cultural Protection Project, Broad and Narrow Alley is composed of broad alley, narrow alley and across alleys, among which, there are a lot of traditional courtyards, or Siheyuan. The courtyards among the alleys were developed pretty well with the development of the Qing Dynasty. However, the alleys were constructed into western-styled architectures at the late Qing Dynasty; and during the period of the Republic of China the owners of the courtyards were changed into some noble families, and ever since then, the structure of the alleys remained till now.

Some very old alleys in Chengdu where some important people had lived. After its reconstruction, the Broad and Narrow Alley has been reopened to pubic and is now, one of the hottest tourist destination in Chengdu.

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