Western Hill

Western Hill lies in the Biji Mountain chain to the west of Kunming, China. It is visible from the eastern or northern banks of Dianchi Lake. The Western Hills scenic area stretches from the wooded Huating Temple to the Longmen Mountains (Dragon's Gate Mountains) along the steep cliffs. Clouds and mist often hide the mountain sides, with their giant firs and pines and many ancient temples.

In the cliffs under Luohan Peak, in the Western Hills, are the Longmen Grottoes, with a stone gate leading to the Datiange chamber. 2,300 metres above sea level, these are the largest Taoist grottoes in Yunnan. It tooks 72 years to build these grottoes during the Qing Dynasty, from the 46th year of Emperor Qianlong's rule (1782) to the 3rd year of Emperor Xianfeng's rule (1854). The project was undertaken by stone craftsmen living at the foot of the Western Hills.

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