Shuhe Old Town

Shuhe Old Town, also known as "Dragon Fountain Village", only 7 km away from Lijiang's Old Town, is another place protected as a “world culture heritage site” in Lijiang City. It once was a significant town on the famous ancient Tea-horse Road in Chinese history, with an even longer history than the Lijiang Old Town. Shuhe is the earliest settlement of Naxi people in Lijiang when their ancestors first moved to this region.

The legend of Shuhe Old Town is that the famous traveler Xu Xiake in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) had been the town and recorded it on his famous works Xu Xiake Travelogue (a famous travel note from ancient times of Chinese geography). This demonstrates the importance of Shuhe in Lijiang area as early as Ming Dynasty. In history, with the rise of Tea & Horse Road, Shuhe town was a major producer of leatherworking in the region.

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