Xidi Village

Xidi Village lies in the southeast of Yixian County, which extends 700 meters from east to west, 300 meters from north to south and it covers an area of 16 hectares with 320 households and 1100 villages. There is a small river which flows through the whole village, with a hill in front of the villge blocking its course, so it flows to the west instead of the east. That's how Xidi got its name.

The topography of Xidi Village is well planned. It looked like a sailing boat from the high position, 122 houses, in black, white and grey colors were built in the 18th and 19th centuries. Each has white walls, with elaborated. Shaped eaves and courtyards. The design of the streets and lanes are what they used to be, maintaining their ancient style of life and architecture. So in Jan, 2000, it was named as the World Cultural Heritage. From then on, lots of tourists have come to visit it.

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