Xian Musuem

Xi'an Museum, covering an area of 245 hectares, was officially opened to the public in May 2007. This museum collectively reflects the long history of Xi'an city, integrating with the small Wild Goose Pagoda, the national key protection culture unit, the ancient building groups of Jianfu Temple, and the modern culture relic exhibition hall. The harmony combination demonstrates the special features of this garden museum, the strong historic atmosphere in the modernity.

The museum covers the floor space of over 16,000 square meters, exhibition area of over 5 000 square meters. Out of the 130,000 pieces or sets of collected culture relics, 14,400 pieces or sets are cherished culture relics, exceeding national standard of third class. Almost 2,000 pieces or sets of relics are exhibited to the public for the first time. The extraordinarily splendid, various culture relics mark the different aspect of Chinese ancient history. The exhibition of Xi'an Museum consists of the basic exhibition, specific theme exhibition and temporary exhibition.

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