Yu Garden

Yuyuan is a famous garden in Shanghai, located in the center of Shanghai's Old City, one of the few remaining old tourist sites in Shanghai. It was constructed in the period of Emperor Jiajing's region of Ming Dynasty from 1559 and completed in 1577. It has a history of more than 400 years. It is a famous classical garden in the south of China, the total area of which is over 20 thousand square meters. In 1853, when the Small Sword Society rose in uprising in response to the Taiping Heavenly Revolution the Spring Hall in the Yu Garden was used as its headquarters.

Yu Garden is a key cultural unit under the state protection. The major scenic attractions in the Yu Garden include the Mountain and Forest in City, Pretty Woods and Elegant Dale, Charming Spots by the Spring Hall, Eye-catching Scenes of Water and Rockeries, Great Happiness in the Middle and Garden within the Garden (inner garden) as well.

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